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How do I install euroNAS?

Installation is easy and simple - after you have created an Installation-CD or Installation-USB-Stick (for creation follow separate instructions from our knowledge database) you can boot from it and start the installation


Select the option "Begin Installation"



Select the installation language (it can be changed later in administration inteface)



Select the installation drive (at least 4 GB Size - perferably SSD drive)



Installation will begin (it takes usually 5-10 Minutes)



After installation is done - reboot the server and make sure that your installation-CD is not inserte. After reboot you will be shown this window. In here you can change the IP Address (Network Settings) or immediately access the server via web browser of your choice (IE, Firefox, Chrome etc.) by entering the IP Address that is shown - in this example that is or



When you open the administration interface in your browser you can enter the user name and password. Default user name and password is :


username : admin

password : euronas


When you enter the administration interface you can start configuring your server



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