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Compatibility Motherboard Raid Controllers

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Many motherboards have integrated raid functionality -does euroNAS support this functionality?

Raid on the motherboard is in most cases not a true hardware raid but driver based software raid.

euroNAS products support this controllers but perfer to use our own raid functionality.

We see no advantage in using onboard raid compared to our own raid.

You can connect hard drives to such controller and configure raid array over euroNAS.

euroNAS Raid is proven to be stable sind years and uses a very reliable raid code

euroNAS Raid functionality is comparable to much more expensive hardware raid controllers

  • RAID 0, 1, 5 and 6 support

  • email notification service

  • event logging

  • Hot Swap

  • Hotspare

  • Online Capacity Expansion

More information about euroNAS Raid can be found here


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