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What our clients expect from us:

  • “We need Enterprise solutions that reliably support the workloads in our company.”
  • “We are looking for simple, reliable and secure storage solution that is easy to administer.”
  • “We need to be sure that our data is accessible all the time.”
  • “Data must be simultaneously written in different fire compartments or locations”
  • “We need double security for our virtual machines and business continuity in case of failure of storage server. “


VMWare Technology Partner

euroNAS offers a full range of storage solutions for your organization. It is specially designed to be simple to configure,
robust, reliable, feature rich and scalable.

NAS Software

Premium Ultra R3

High performance, feature rich and highly scalable Storage Software Premium Ultra is optimized for high load applications that require high throughput.

  • AFP, NFS, SMB/CIFS and FTP Support
  • Built-in iSCSI and Fibre Channel Target
  • Hybrid Storage Cache Tiering
  • Asynchronous Replication (server synchronization): replicates your storage to another server
  • Snapshot Replication : replicate live data quick and reliable
  • Point-in-time snapshots : recover files to the earlier state
  • Server side spotlight support : fast file and content search for Mac
  • Hardware and Software RAID
  • Enterprise performance
  • Flexible and hardware independent

Recommended for applications that require high performance and reliability such as

  • File server
  • Storage for Backup
  • Storage for Virtualization
  • Storage for video surveillance
  • Storage for digital A/V workflows

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HA Cluster R3

High-availability, server load balancing and synchronous server replication using TCP/IP protocol With HA Cluster you will benefit from higher availability, more flexibility and more efficiency.
Fits perfectly into your existing network environment.

  • High Availability with automatic failover: services will automatically move on to working node
  • Failback with fast synchronization: failback to an original system after an automatic failover
  • Synchronous Data Mirroring: real-time data mirroring across a 2 node storage cluster
  • Shared storage : both nodes can share the same storage (iSCSI, FC or SAS)
  • Active/Active: share the load between the nodes for higher performance
  • NFS, iSCSI, SMB and AFP high availability

Recommended for 24/7 applications such as

  • VMware vSphere
  • Hyper-V
  • XenServer
  • Video surveillance

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euroNAS Fibre Channel Storage

Fibre Channel
SAN Cluster

High-performance and highly-available enterprise storage server mirror using fibre channel protocolExtend the possibilities of your existing FC Storage array or build a powerfull SAN mirror at fraction of the cost of comparable solutions.

  • Superior performance compared to network-based replication
  • Highest redundancy for your mission-critical applications
  • Highest I/O performance thanks to fibre channel technology
  • Greater distance between nodes by still maintaining low latency
  • Automatic failover: services will automatically move on to working node
  • Switch-over functionality – shift resources from one node to another for system maintenance
  • Seamless intergration into existing Fibre Channel infrastructure

Recommended for 24/7 environments such as

  • Virtualization
  • Databases
  • Data Centers
  • Replication between remote sites
  • digital A/V workflows in XSAN Environments

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