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Server Replication with euroNAS

euroNAS Server Synchronization, a built-in feature of euroNAS NAS Software, offers an advanced tool, with which data can be transferred locally or over long distances reliably and quickly, and if needed it can be easily restored without flooding the network with too much traffic.

The digital age for all the advantages that modernization brings with it there are also significant pit falls. Data quantities are exploding … Companies are faced with the challenge or how to backup their data with the minimum financial outlay …

The technological development of the past years has resulted in an constantly increasing amount of data.
Many companies are facing the difficulty on how these data should be backed up.
The challenge is to keep the cost of data backup as minimal as possible while increasing the simplicity and redundancy of the backups.
For a very long time, there was no alternative to tape backups. Tape backups are expensive and difficult to maintain and support – especially for smaller companies.
Data syncronization between remote offices is also very difficult with this solution.

Here you can see you some of the possibilities on how to backup, replicate and synchronize your data locally or to remote sites using euroNAS NAS software.
Here are some of the scenarios often used by our customers

Data Sheet
Function overview Show
Things to consider
Things to consider when replicating data Show
Near Line Backup
Great alternative to tape devices Show
Data consolidation
Helps to reduce the costs and provide more efficient management of companies data Show
Data Distribution
Distributing data to remote sites Show
Remote site replication
Replicate data between remote sites Show


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