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Why our customers are choosing euroNAS instead of traditional storage vendors?

Read this document and discover

  • the main differences between traditional storage server and storage software
  • why storage software is the best choice for your company or data center
  • what is the extra value for your business
  • how you can increase performance,significantly lower the overall costs and extend the life span of your storage servers.

Choosing a storage solution is becoming increasingly difficult, because of the high levels of complexity and the wide variety of products available. However, the decision is also hugely important, as you need to be able to rely on the data on your server for years to come. You have a choice of choosing an expensive traditional Storage Server solution or choosing one of the best in class Storage Software and finally become free from storage vendor lock-in.

What makes euroNAS better than standard storage appliances?

Future-safe – your server should grow with your business

Legacy storage manufacturers often use proprietary hardware and an operating system which will only run on the hardware in question. This makes it difficult to expand in the future and forces you to buy new units. euroNAS will grow with the needs of your company. It is not tied to proprietary hardware – this makes it a highly flexible and scalable solution. Theoretically you could start with a simple 1-2 disks NAS and extend it to a high capacity server of up to 1 Petabyte.

Work with the hardware manufacturer you trust and still save costs

Many companies have arrangements with some of the mayor vendors such as Dell, HP, IBM, Fujitsu etc. While these companies have competitive pricing on standard servers, their customized storage servers usually cost much more. With euroNAS you can turn standard servers into powerful storage solutions but at a fraction of the cost compared to their own storage solutions.

You don’t need bare metal hardware

euroNAS will run on most servers on the market, however you can also use it as “Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA)” within your ESX, Hyper-V or Xen

Unified interface for all your storage servers

Depending on requirements, the company would need different types of servers. Whereas a small branch only needs a simple NAS storage, larger branches will require much more powerful hardware. If using standard NAS Servers, a system administrator is confronted with different types of user interfaces. euroNAS Provides same usability experience independently from used hardware.

Enterprise „All-in-one“ functionality

Traditional storage vendors will usually offer you a limited feature set.
euroNAS offers you the „All-in-one“ storage solution – whether your company needs

  • NAS Appliance serving CIFS, NFS or AFP
  • SAN Appliance serving iSCSI and Fibre Channel storage
  • High-availability storage providing real time replication between servers and automatic failover

euroNAS storage software will offer you all this in a simple to use interface


Using storage servers that are complex to configure can cause configuration problems, which may result in the choice of a configuration that is less than ideal. euroNAS has been designed to provide an amazing set of features with a management interface that is extremely easy to use. You don’t need a manual or training to use euroNAS


euroNAS Storage Software is proven in thousands of installation worldwide and is considered a rock solid solution. It contains all the redundancy and security features that you would expect from a modern NAS/SAN Server.


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