eEVOS at Alfa GmbH

About Alfa GmbH

Founded in 2008, Alfa GmbH offers a wide range of products for the professional craftsman – for the construction, conversion, renovation, disposal and occupational safety.

Alfa offers a bi-annual product catalog and a professional online shop that always has the latest products available on the market.

At Alfa, the professional craftsman will find everything they need for the job, all year round, at a constant pricing.

Due to their high quality products, the extensive customer care at Alfa GmbH has already gained over 21,000 satisfied customers.

The Challenge

For years Alfa GmbH has virtualized their ERP Software, Terminals, databases and fileservers with Stratus Avance.

Their goal was to find a cost effective, highly-availabile alternative that also allows simple migration of the virtual machines without reinstall (just import.)

The following criteria were a must:

  • High-Availability
  • Price
  • Quality of technical Support
  • Easy import of existing virtual machines

The Solution

Alfa GmbH has decided to move its virtual servers to eEVOS (euroNAS Enterprise Virtualization OS.)
All applications (ERP, Terminal, Databases and Fileservers) are running reliably 24/7. eEVOS VM-Import wizard has imported existing VMs quickly and easily in just a few steps.

The hardware consists of 2 x 3HE Supermicro Servers each equiped with 2 Intel Xeon-E5-2620V4 8-Core CPUs with 20MB Cache and 256GB DDR4-ECC RAM

eEVOS has fair pricing. The contact is always friendly and competent. My 5 year calculation for eEVOS has found out that it is less expensive than one worker assistant. And this solution never gets sick and works 24/7.

Mr.Beyer, IT Manager at Alfa GmbH


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