HA Cluster at Eco-Center AG

About Eco-Center AG

Eco-Center AG is a society of the municipalities of South Tyrol and the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

It operates the most important waste disposal facilities in South Tyrol and the wastewater service of the optimal catchment area 2 (sewerage and wastewater treatment.) It also supports environmental research projects to study the impact of its activities on the surrounding area.

The challenge

The existing solution for data services and the removal of user profiles had proven to be increasingly slow and inadequate.

For a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure it was imperative that the sharing of profiles and folder redirects were always available. A Windows-based solution was out of the question due to the amount of security updates and subsequent frequent reboots. Virtualization was out of the question because of performance requirements.

The new solution had to fulfill the following conditions

  • Resiliency even during server failure
  • Faster operation than the existing solution
  • Convenient recovery of earlier file versions
  • Storing of roaming user profiles on the server
  • Support of a specific backup agent (Barracuda) for dail backups
  • Competent technical support in an emergency

The solution

Eco-Center AG opted for an “all-flash solution” with euroNAS HA Cluster and Dell hardware.

The main reasons were:

  • The reliability thanks to HA cluster
  • Very good support of the SMB / CIFS protocol incl. Active Directory
  • Support for the BTRFS file system
  • Very good performance
  • Competent technical support which accompanied and advised Eco-Center AG during the evaluation.

Today the solution works stable and very fast – user data and roaming user profiles are kept safe. Thanks to the BTRFS file system, hundreds of snapshots can be created per share, facilitating data recovery.

The daily backups are performed using Barracuda Backup, which has been installed as a backup agent directly on euroNAS HA Cluster.