euroNAS eEVOS at the Test and Presentation Track BILSTER BERG

The BILSTER BERG circuit, located in the heart of the Teutoburg Forest, is renowned as an exclusive testing and presentation venue for the automotive industry, known for hosting challenging driving events. The company faced the challenge of modernizing its IT infrastructure to handle the growing demands for data processing and storage. With around 20 servers in operation up to that point, a solution was sought that would not only improve performance and reliability but also provide a highly available environment for critical applications and virtual machines (VMs).

Bilster Berg Drive Resort GmbH & Co. KG now relies on eEVOS.

After careful consideration of various options, Bilster Berg Drive Resort GmbH & Co. KG decided to implement the euroNAS eEVOS platform. This decision marked the beginning of a new era in the company’s IT infrastructure, with significant improvements in availability, performance, and support.

Enhancing High Availability with Virtual Machine Mirroring

A key feature of euroNAS eEVOS, particularly attractive for BILSTER BERG, is the ability to mirror VMs between servers. This functionality offers seamless high availability by automatically having another server take over tasks in the event of a server failure, without causing interruptions in critical operational processes. For a business heavily dependent on the constant availability of its IT infrastructure, this was a decisive advantage.

Performance Enhancement and Scalability

By switching to euroNAS eEVOS, BILSTER BERG experienced a noticeable improvement in server infrastructure performance. The platform enabled more efficient resource use, improved data processing speed, and offered a scalable solution that could keep pace with the company’s growth.

Exceptional Support

Another decisive factor in Bilster Berg Drive Resort GmbH & Co. KG’s satisfaction with euroNAS eEVOS was the excellent customer support. The company highlighted how competent and reliable euroNAS’s support was. The support team was always available to provide quick and effective solutions for any questions or technical challenges. This support was invaluable for BILSTER BERG, offering the assurance that any issues could be quickly resolved, which is crucial for maintaining smooth operations.


The transition to euroNAS eEVOS has brought numerous benefits to the test and presentation track BILSTER BERG. From ensuring a highly available server environment that minimizes critical operational failures, to significant performance improvements and first-class customer support – euroNAS eEVOS has proven to be a forward-looking solution that has elevated the company’s IT infrastructure to the next level. Bilster Berg Drive Resort GmbH & Co. KG sees euroNAS as a reliable partner for IT requirements and looks forward to continuing the collaboration to constantly improve technological advancement and operational efficiency.