HA Cluster at Quellness & Golf Resort Bad Griesbach

Europe’s largest Quellness & Golf Resort with spa and thermal spa relies on VMware and euroNAS for high availability.

About Quellness & Golf Resort Bad Griesbach

The Quellness & Golf Resort Bad Griesbach is distinguished by its worldwide unique concept, which combines health, wellness, golf, business and sports in a unique way.
Relaxation is provided in three first-class hotels with exclusive spa and wellness areas, four estates and numerous restaurants. It offers a unique package of 10 golf courses amidst the scenic nature of Bavaria and many other attractions for the whole family.

The challenge

Due to the very large number of bookings, reservations, billing and complex accounting, the maximum reliability and fast “re-commissioning” of the systems is essential.

The solution

For the easiest administration we decided on virtualization with VMware.

The euroNAS HA Cluster has been chosen for the greatest possible fail-safety of the storage.

euroNAS HA cluster runs virtualized on VMware ESX systems and forwards the storage via iSCSI to the virtual machines. HA Cluster maximizes the uptime — if one storage node fails, the other will automatically take over without the virtual machines knowing it.

Today, we use euroNAS HA clusters in 2 hotels and in the golf sector. We are very satisfied – so far no downtime – it is like an “insurance that we hope never need”. This year, we will certainly equip at least two more hotels with euroNAS HA clusters.

Thomas Voggenreiter & Markus Hasenberger, IT central technology