STH Switzerland

About the company

STH Spring Trading AG is a dynamic trading company focused on the Swiss market. The product range includes binders and additives for the coatings and paint industry as well as chicken egg products, oils, fats and nutritional supplements for the food and beverage industry.

Business challenge

STH Spring Trading AG realized that the use of a ready-to-use NAS solution made it dependent not only on the manufacturer, but also on the hardware installed in the NAS devices. That’s why when looking for a new solution, the company put special emphasis on a product that works independently of hardware at the most interesting price / performance ratio. In order to keep the costs under control, the new solution was required to be able to run in a virtual environment as a virtual machine (ESX Server).

Another important point was the ability to back up data via point-in-time snapshots, thus enabling easy data recovery.

euroNAS at STH Spring Trading AG

Before opting for a virtualized solution, STH Spring Trading AG worked with complete solutions from various manufacturers, such as Netgear and QNAP.

The euroNAS solution could be operated independently of the previously used hardware and was cheaper than a complete solution.

euroNAS Premium is used as a virtualized file server. Synchronization and replication of the data to be managed (Mac OS & Windows systems) is done via server synchronization.

The euroNAS server is primarily used as a data server for the Apple and Windows clients with the network protocols AFP and SMB/ CIFS.

Since euroNAS Premium also supports snapshots, deleted or accidentally changed files can be restored quickly and easily.