Storage for VMware ESX at City Administration Ahlen

About the Municipality Ahlen

Nearly 54,000 people live in Ahlen, North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. It is the largest and most economically important city of Warendorf in the governmental district of Münster.

The Challenge

For a modern city management, the city of Ahlen requires a large amount of servers. In order to reduce the number of physical servers and reduce the cost of maintenance it was decided to virtualize most of the servers using VMware ESX. Since the virtual machines must share the storage, it needs a reliable and high-quality solution for 24/7 operation.

The solution

Municipality Ahlen relies on euroNAS since years. The decisive argument for a euroNAS product was in the case of the city administration Ahlen easy management and reliable technical support. euroNAS installations are used as Storage Servers for VMware ESX. The virtual machines are stored on the euroNAS server and VMware ESX accesses them via NFS protocol.

I was completely suprized by the excellent service at euroNAS. The server had been running without any problems two years. After a drive replacement we experienced a small problem. A short e-mail to the support and ten minutes later I had a service technician on the phone. The problem was resolved quickly and uncomplicated.

Manfred Blachetta, system administrator at the City Administration of Ahlen

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