Techtory GmbH and euroNAS

Since 2009, euroNAS Premium has provided Techtory Automation GmbH with a secure and flexible solution for centralized data storage

The enterprise

Techtory Automation GmbH is a medium-sized company with over 100 employees which develops individual system solutions in the field of automation for assembly, testing, handling and production technology. It also manufactures complete devices and systems according to individual design drawings. Some of their clients are well-known German companies such as Bayer, Daimler, Carl Zeiss, Grohe, Magna, Tesa, Uhu and Vivil.

Business challenge:

Due to the rapid growth of the company, there was an increased demand for a centralized storage solution, which reliably protects the company’s data. Since it already had a VMWare ESX server, there was no need to use another physical server specifically for this service. An additional requirement was usability: a solution with an easy-to-use, self-explanatory interface had to be found.

euroNAS at Techtory Automation GmbH

Techtory Automation GmbH chose the product euroNAS Premium.

Important reasons for the purchase decision were the very good pricing and the hardware independence of the euroNAS software. As a result, the product is very flexible with respect to hardware changes or planned server expansions. Since euroNAS can also be operated within a virtual machine, Techtory Automation GmbH avoids costs for additional hardware purchases.

The company uses euroNAS as a data server for Windows clients within an Active Directory domain. The euroNAS operating system runs as a virtual machine on an IBM-based VMware ESXi server.

The software is easy and quick to install. The administration interface is clear and self-explanatory! The system has been stable since installation and has never crashed.

Bernd Gaiser, IT System Administrator at Techtory Automation GmbH