Vignold optimizes IT infrastructure with euroNAS HA Cluster solutions.

About Vignold Group


The Vignold Group GmbH, a dynamic company located in the heart of Ratingen Germany, represents innovation in the production of all types of media assets. They assist their clients with SaaS (Software as a Service) products to smartly and efficiently deploy their advertising measures. With an impressive IT infrastructure that includes around 100 Linux-based virtual machines, 15 databases, and 45 application servers, Vignold is a pioneer in the use of advanced technology solutions.

The Challenge

Faced with the complex requirements of such an extensive IT landscape, Vignold was challenged to find a storage solution that was not only highly available and powerful but also seamlessly scalable and extremely reliable. Ensuring smooth and efficient data management was crucial for supporting their SaaS environments, databases, and infrastructure services.

The Solution

In this critical phase, euroNAS came into play. With the euroNAS HA (High Availability) Cluster, Vignold found a tailor-made solution that perfectly suited their needs. The implementation of the euroNAS HA Cluster enabled a highly available iSCSI storage solution that seamlessly integrated into Vignold’s existing ESX cluster environment.


Since implementing the euroNAS system, Vignold has experienced significant improvements in their IT infrastructure. The performance and fail-safety of the system have proven to be indispensable, particularly in terms of handling large volumes of data and maintaining critical business processes. Feedback from the IT department indicates increased efficiency, simpler management, and a significant reduction in downtime.


With euroNAS, we have not only received a product that fits well into our infrastructure, but also a professional partner with high expertise and passion. The cooperation with the team is always quick and uncomplicated with a focus on our own environment, which we highly appreciate.

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