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Cluster Creation

With eEVOS Cluster you can build a cluster of 2 nodes using the advanced technologies that synchronize their local drives and virtual machines between 2 servers in real time.

It is also possible for both nodes to use shared disk connected via iSCSI, SAS or Fibre Channel

This benefit is not only for the failures and crashes that inevitably happen in the computer world, but also for planned maintenance. A server in the cluster may be taken offline for maintenance and brought back online without interrupting your users or customers HA Cluster uses automated tools that helps you configure it in few easy steps.

Before cluster is created it is important to configure network settings and to initialize drive / RAID.
Make sure that all NICs are configured prior creating cluster (later this IPs should not be changed)
You need at least 2 NICs – one for internal communication (replication network) and one for communication with network clients (corporate network).

When ready click on “Create New Configuration”

If you already have existing eEVOS single node server, you can connect this one and build the cluster by clicking “Join existing server”

Now you can select the name for the cluster, network cards that you wish to use and provide admin password of the other server. Here you should also set “Network Test IP” – this IP is used by cluster to find out if it can reach the clients (it will ping them regularly
and know this way If it can reach the network). Ideally it should be more than one (not more than 3-4) and should be devices that are running 24/7 – for example your router, printer, other servers.

Both servers will now build and optimize for cluster. This can take several minutes…
After the successful creation you can see the overview and that both servers can see and communicate with each other

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