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Cluster Dashboard

The Cluster Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your cluster, allowing you to monitor the status and health of each node, as well as the overall condition of cluster resources and the network. With this powerful tool, you can easily keep track of your cluster’s performance and ensure its smooth operation. Here’s what the Cluster Dashboard offers:

  • Node Status: The dashboard displays the status of each node in the cluster, providing real-time information on their availability, connectivity, and performance. You can quickly identify any issues or abnormalities that may arise and take necessary actions for resolution.
  • Resource Health: It provides an overview of the cluster resources, such as cluster drives, shares and iSCSI/NVMe Targets. You can monitor resource allocation, usage, and availability to ensure optimal utilization and efficient allocation of resources across the cluster.
  • Network Monitoring: The dashboard includes network health metrics, allowing you to monitor the network connectivity and performance within the cluster. It provides insights into network bandwidth, latency, and packet loss, enabling you to detect and troubleshoot any network-related issues promptly.
  • Alert Notifications: The Cluster Dashboard is equipped with an alert system that notifies you of any critical events, errors, or warnings that require your attention.

With the Cluster Dashboard, you have a centralized, intuitive interface to monitor and manage your cluster effectively. It simplifies cluster administration, enhances troubleshooting capabilities, and empowers you to maintain the health and stability of your cluster infrastructure. By staying informed about the status and performance of your nodes, resources, and network, you can proactively address any challenges and ensure the uninterrupted operation of your cluster environment.

eEVOS Dashboard

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