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iSCSI Target Creation

With HA Cluster you can create highly available iSCSI Targets. Should one node fail, the other will automatically take over its Targets and ensure business continuity.

To create an iSCSI Target go to “Data Management” – “iSCSI Targets” and click on “Create New iSCSI Target”

Create Cluster iSCSI Target 1

You can create a new iSCSI Target or a Target LUN that will be grouped with an existing iSCSI Target

Create Cluster iSCSI Target 2

Select cluster drive

Create Cluster iSCSI Target 3

Define the size and the name for the iSCSI Target

Create Cluster iSCSI Target 4

In the overview you can now see the newly created target in the list. It will be accessable via the IPs used by the cluster drive that iSCSI Target is installed on.

Create Cluster iSCSI Target 5

If you click on the target, the properties of the target will be shown. There you can expand the iSCSI target or define which IP address or network is permitted for access.

Cluster iSCSI Target properties

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