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Network Settings

euroNAS Products support all common network controllers. Especially in clustered environments it is crucial to use good quality NICs and to boundle the ports for greater availability.

Cluster products differentiate the network in following categories.

– Heartbeat Network

This network is used for cluster communication between the nodes. You can use this network also for the client access (management, shares and iSCSI targets). This is why we sometimes reference it also as “corporate network”

– Replication Network

This network is used for the drive mirror between the nodes. We recommend 10 Gigabit or faster connection. Bonding ports will increase redundancy.

– Remaining network ports

Network ports that are not used by Heartbeat or Replication can be used for client access (management, shares and iSCSI targets).

Cluster Network Settings

Make sure that every IP address is in a different network in order to avoid routing issues. Also it is not recommended to use more than one gateway.


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