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Local Users and Groups

Local Users and Groups

The euroNAS server can check the identity of users by using its internal user / password list. This settings are only for accessing the web interface and SMB/CIFS cluster resource.

Default setting for new shares: everyone can access the shares. If you wish to limit this – define at least one user under access management.

The euroNAS server has already some predefined user / group accounts.

admin – Administrator (default password „euronas“)
guest – guest account (no password)
users – all local users
admins – all admin users

Group membership can be changed for every user. Select option “Groups” in users list

Guidelines for creating users

  • Special characters are not allowed in user names
  • Duplicating Log-in Credentials for euroNAS and Windows or Macintosh Clients

You can simplify user access for Windows or Macintosh clients, by duplicating their log-in credentials on the euroNAS server. This will help to bypass the log-in procedure when accessing the server.
This is only valid for local users – not domain users

It is important to note that default users and groups cannot be modified or deleted.

Local Users and Groups

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