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Hybrid Cache

With euroNAS Hybrid Storage Cache Tiering you get the best of both worlds. You can merge your SSD and SATA / SAS drives to get the maximum capacity AND maximum I / O rate.
euroNAS automatically analyzes the incoming data transfer and moves the blocks of data that are frequently accessed to the faster (SSD) drives. The longer the server is used, the better it adapts and the more effective the symbiosis becomes.

Cache Tiering Diagramm

Assign Cache to the drive / volumes

Important : since data will be partially on the cache drives, it is essential that those are also made redundant (RAID Array).

If you wish to add cache drive got to “Storage Management” – “Hybrid Cache”. You will see the list of your drives.

Select the drive next to the drive that you wish to cache and click on set cache. In this example we will add configure drive “sda” to become caching device for drive “sde”
Drive Caching 2

Drive Caching 3

After assigning drive you can click on the configuration button and assign space to individual shares and volumes on this drive
Important – when using HA Cluster it is strongly recommended NOT to use write back cache in order to ensure best possible data consistency even on server failure

Drive Caching 5

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