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Cluster Creation Wizard

With HA Cluster you can build a cluster of 2 nodes using the advanced technologies that synchronize their local drives between 2 servers in real time.

It is also possible for both nodes to use shared disk connected via iSCSI, SAS or Fibre Channel

This benefit is not only for the failures and crashes that inevitably happen in the computer world, but also for planned maintenance. A server in the cluster may be taken offline for maintenance and brought back online without interrupting your users or customers HA Cluster uses automated tools that helps you configure it in few easy steps.

Make sure that all NICs are configured prior creating cluster.
You need at least 2 NICs in different networks – one for internal communication (replication network) and one for cluster internal communication (heartbeat network).

Although it is possible to use heartbeat network also for network clients, it is highly recommended to use separate network for this.

Creation wizard provides you several options


Build a standalone configuration with one single server (no cluster)

Configure Cluster

Create new cluster configuration – wizard will automatically configure cluster services on both servers automatically

Join existing cluster

Use this option if

– you already have another standalone server and wish to build a cluster. Wizard will automatically build a new cluster configuration

– you wish to replace a broken cluster member server

Create Cluster EN 1

In the next step select the new name for the cluster, the IP adress of the other server and its admin password.

Create Cluster EN 2

Select the heartbeat IP address and the replication IP of this server

Create Cluster EN 3

then of the other server

Create Cluster EN 4

Now you can select the Test-IP. The test IP address is used by cluster to determine if individual node is able to access the outside world. If not – the cluster will automatically move its services to the node that can reach the outside world providing greater availability.

This is done by pinging devices on the network that are available 24/7 – switches, routers, printers other servers.
It is strongly recommended to provide at least 2-3 IP addresses (more than 3 is not recommended).

Create Cluster EN 5

Now you can begin with server configuration

Create Cluster EN 6

Both servers will be now automatically configured. This process can take several minutes and must not be interrupted.

After the creation you can check the dashboard if everything is running as expected and start creating your cluster drives

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