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Network Configuration and Management

euroNAS products support all common 1/10/20/25/40 and 100 Gigabit network cards. You can configure and team network cards in network management.

If you wish to configure your network you can do it from Network Administration

TCP / IP Configuration

Configure the IP Addresses for your network cards and bonds.

Important : only one default gateway is supported. Also do not configure more than one network IP address in the same network

DNS / WINS Configuration

DNS (Domain Name Service) converts an IP address into a computer name. You have to enter the IP address of the server under which the service runs.
WINS converts specific Microsoft computer names into an IP address. You have to enter the IP address of the server under which the service runs.
If no settings of DNS via DHCP are transmitted to the server or if the TCP/IP was configured manually the DNS and/or WINS server can be entered here.
The WINS information cannot be fetched from the DHCP Server. If necessary, this information should always be set manually.

Network card teaming (bonding)

This option allows you to bundle several network cards in order to increase bandwidth and/or redundancy (reliability).

In order to create network bond click on network administration, create network bond

Select the network ports you wish to use

Select the bonding mode you wish to use

Configure TCP/IP settings for your network bond

After the creation you can see your bond properties under network bonds. In this example we have disconnected one network port on purposely in order to demonstrate that the network connection is still working.

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