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Upgrading from previous version


This document describes how to perform an upgrade from Version R5 to Version R6 using an ISO file. Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure that all nodes in the cluster are correctly updated and no data is lost. It is important to emphasize that all nodes in the cluster must be shut down one after the other and at least 2 minutes should be waited before shutting down the next node. The upgrade should then be performed in reverse order.

Ensure that you have a backup of your current data and configurations.
You should have administrator rights on all nodes in the cluster.
Verify that all nodes meet the minimum requirements for Version R6.

Step-by-step guide

Shut down nodes one after the other:
Shut down the first node in the cluster.
Wait at least 2 minutes before shutting down the next node.
Repeat this process for all nodes in the cluster.

Download ISO file:
Download the ISO file for Version R6 from the official website or the provided link.

Prepare ISO file on bootable media:
Create a bootable media (e.g., USB stick or DVD) with the downloaded ISO file.

Perform upgrade in reverse order:
Start with the last node that was shut down.
Insert the bootable media with the R6 ISO file into the node and power it on.
Ensure that the node boots from the ISO file.
The installation process should detect the existing R5 installation and offer an upgrade to R6.
Confirm the upgrade and follow the on-screen instructions.
Once the upgrade is complete, restart the node.
Wait at least 2 minutes before proceeding with the next node.
Repeat this process for all nodes in the cluster in reverse order.

Verify cluster functionality:
Ensure that all nodes have started correctly and are running Version R6.
Check the integrity of the data and configurations to ensure that no information has been lost during the upgrade.
Perform tests to verify the performance and stability of the updated cluster.


After all nodes have been successfully updated to Version R6 and the cluster is running stably, the upgrade is complete. It is recommended to perform regular backups and system monitoring to ensure the integrity and performance of your cluster.

From version R6 only https connection is possible – you can use ports 443 and 3733

If any issues arise during the upgrade, please contact support or consult the official documentation for further assistance. Remember that using the ISO file for the upgrade has the advantage that you can revert to the previous version at any time if needed, simply by booting from the older ISO file.

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