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Hardware Recommendation

euroNAS Premium is not locked on to specific hardware. You can use standard server hardware.


For the best performance we recommend multicore CPUs from Intel or AMD


We recommend installation on one SSD disk with minimum size of 30 GB.
Installation drive will be used only for the OS. Data must be stored on separate drives.

Data disks

Data requires separate drives – in order to ensure optimal redundancy we recommend RAID (Software or Hardware).

Only server disks are supported – disks optimized for desktop / notebook use are not recommended.

System RAM

Minumum requirenment is 8 GB – RAM is also used for disk caching – all RAM that is not used by OS will be used to speed up disk I/O performance by caching.


You need at least one 1/10/20/40 Gigabit network card. Network port teaming is supported and recommended for higher redundancy.

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