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XFS and iSCSI Snapshots

XFS and iSCSI Snapshots use volume based snapshots. Those require one reserved area for the differences to the original.

This means that volume space must be reserved for every snapshot. If this space gets full, the snapshot will be invalidated and cannot be used.

Therefore it is important that the reserved space is sufficient and does not get full.

Space can be reserved in snapshot management under “Snapshot Reservation”. Reserved space per snapshot is calculated from

– Reserved space on disk
– Number of snapshots

LVM Snapshot Reservation 1 EN

Create Snapshot

Click on “Create Snapshot”

LVM Snapshot Creation 1 EN

Select the share or target

LVM Snapshot Creation 2 EN

In the overview you can see the snapshot you just created. If you click on the magnifier icon you can see the list of created snapshots for this share or target.

LVM Snapshot Creation 3 EN

Recover from Snapshot

Click on the magnifier next to the share

LVM Snapshot Creation 4 EN

Select the snapshot and click on “Revert to this version”
LVM Snapshot Creation 5 EN

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