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Connecting euroNAS iSCSI Target on Citrix Xen Server

euroNAS Products are providing High-End iSCSI Target that is easy to configure and maintain. This article describes how to connect euroNAS on to a Citrix Xen Server using iSCSI protocol.

Firts create new iSCSI Target via Data Management - iSCSI Targets - Create iSCSI Target

Now you can add this target in Citix XenCenter using the option New Storage – type iSCSI.

Assign it a new name for the storage and enter under Target Host the IP address of the euroNAS Server. Select then the option Discover IQNs, select your iSCSI target and click on Discover LUNs.

After clicking on finish – on a freshly created iSCSI Target you will get the Warning that the disk will be formatted.

After confirmation new iSCSI Target will be formatted and ready for use with Xen Server.