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How can I copy the data from other (non euroNAS) server to euroNAS?

euroNAS Premium series has the integrated “Client Backup” functionality. With this option euroNAS can log on a different file server as a client and pool the data to one of its shares.

This task can also be scheduled. You can access it via Replication/ Backup - Client Backup.

Enter here the IP Address of the source server and name of the share on this server. User is the user that is permitted to access remote share on the source server.

Target share is the shares where you wish to copy the data to. Optionally you can define a folder in which data should be copied. If the folder does not exist it will be created automatically. If no folder is defined data will be copied into the root of the share.

Jobs also can be time scheduled … to do this go to Client Backup - Create scheduled backup.

After job is created you can see its properties and current status under Client Backup