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How can I create a software raid?

In this article you can see how the software raid can be created with euroNAS. Under
(СМЕНИ ЛИНКА!!) http://www.euronas.com/nas-software-feature-comparisment
you can see which version supports which software raid options.

To create a software raid under euroNAS please go to Software Raid - Create Raid

Select drives …

Enter the name for the future shared drive on this raid array and select what kind of raid array you wish to create.

Snapshot reservation reserves space for use with snapshots. This value can later be ajusted under Snapshots - Manage Reserved Space

After the raid array is created it can be used immediately (even during rebuild). To check the status of the raid array go to Software Raid - Raid Status

Under Services - Email Notification you can configure euroNAS to send you notification emails in case something happens to the raid array.