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How do I initialize the drive?

Drive initialisation will prepair the drive for use with euroNAS. If you want to use drives in combination with Software Raid this step is not nessesary.

If you wish to use single disks or hardware raid – this is a nessesary step:

1. Go to Storage Management - Drive Management and select option Initialize drive

Select the drive that you wish to initialize:

You can now provide a new name for this drive and specify how much space should be reserved for snapshots (you can later change this value later under “Snapshot Manager” – “Manage reserved space”). If you don’t wish to use snapshots or snapshot replication you can set it to 0 .


Name of the drive helps you late differentiate different disks. It is very useful especially in cases you have several disks all having same model name. This is not the name for your shares or iscsi targets.

Now you can create shares and iSCSI Targets on this drive

For creating shares go to Data Management - Shares - Create new share
For creating iSCSI Targets go to Data Management - iSCSI Targets - Create iSCSI Target
For creating iSCSI Targets go to Data Management - Fibre Channel Target