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VM-Backup – which restore options are possible?

The VMs can be recovered quickly and easily. The recovery can be performed on any eEVOS server.
There are different types of restore depending on your requirements

New VM

This option is offered automatically if there is no virtual machine with this name on the eEVOS Server.
During recovery, it will automatically create new VM on the drive of your choice.
This option should be used when recovering on a new system or migrating VMs.


When restoring to a snapshot, the restored VM will be shown in the snapshot management of the VM. You can then use the option “recover from snapshot” to set this VM online and replace existing running VM.
Another advantage is that it will restore the memory of your backup as well so you will get the same state of the running system as it was during the backup.

Replace existing VM

The existing VM is restored from the backup and completely replaced

New VM-Clone

Instead of replacing the existing VM you can create a new VM from the backup that will have a new name. In order to avoid conflicts, it will automatically change the MAC address of the virtual network cards.