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Which features are supported by Server Synchronization

The following functions are supported:


Synchronization jobs can be scheduled weekday (including time). For example, you can only synchronize on Mondays and Fridays, or only on weekends, to reduce the burden on the network on weekdays.

WAN support (bandwidth can be set)

If the data is copied over a WAN line, not over the local network, it is recommended to set the bandwidth exactly (in Kbytes per second).

Permissions and attributes are copied (ACL)

Data is copied along with its authorizations and attributes. All POSIX ACL permissions are retained.

Owner, date and time are retained

Synchronizing the files preserves the original owner or date and time.

Data compression

Files are compressed before they are sent. This saves bandwidth and speeds up data transfer over the network.

Byte-level incremental replication

Performance is increased by copying only the bytes that have changed for this file since the last synchronization for large files.