FAQs// HA Cluster

What are hardware recommendations for HA Cluster?

Installation Disk

For best performance the euroNAS cluster software should be installed on an SSD disk with a minimum size of 40 GB

System RAM

The server should have at least 8 GB of RAM


There must be one or more reliable IP Addresses on the Corporate Network that both servers can reach for proper operation of the High-Availability/Custer features. An example would be the router which is on the Corporate Network or connects the servers to the Corporate Network.

For best performance and high availability the server should have 4 individual Network Interface Cards with a minimum bandwidth of 1 Gigabit.

They should be configured as two separate bonded networks. One of the bonds should be connected to the Corporate Network. The other bond should be connected directly to the other server on a private Replication Network. If the servers are in the same location they should be cabled directly to each other without any switches between them if possible.

For top performance the Replication Network should be 10 Gigabit.

If dual-port cards are used each port on the card should be assigned to a separate bond so that the failure of one card does not break the entire bond.

Card 1 Port 1 -> bond0 (Corporate Network)
Card 1 Port 2 -> bond1 (Replication Network)
Card 2 Port 1 -> bond0 (Corporate Network)
Card 2 Port 2 -> bond1 (Replication Network)

Quad-port cards should be avoided

DHCP should not be used unless static leases are provided. Using DHCP without static leases will cause the cluster to fail when the IP addresses change.