FAQs// HA Cluster

What happens if replication network goes down?

euroNAS HA cluster is specially developed for all kinds of system failures. If one server goes down – the other will take over. However there is a specific configuration change that can cause issues.

If both servers have connection to the corporate network and both can reach network test ip address – both servers consider themselves as being online. If one server dies or connection to the corporate network gets lost – other server will automatically take over. However – in case both servers can reach the network and only connection for the replication network goes down – each server thinks that it is primary and that the other server has failed.

In order to save data and not to risk data loss we are preventing access to the drives.

After the reboot of the servers – they should recover – if not please contact technical support and we can assist you to bring the servers online again.

In general it is very important that the replication network is configured redundant (network bonding with port failover).