Which port uses administration interface in euroNAS products?

euroNAS uses:
Port 3733

Server can be reached by entering the IP address with the port number. If for example the server uses the IP address then the server can be accessed by entering:

If there are name resolution services active in the network – server name can be used instead of its IP address

How can I reach the server if I forget its IP Address?


Tthere are 3 possibilities to reach the server in this case:

Possibility 1

Connect the monitor on the server and check in menue the option network info – the IP Address will be shown there

Possibility 2

Try to reach the server using its name

Possibility 3

If the server is set to pool the IP Address via DHCP Server – you can check the IP Address in the DHCP Management Software

Problem connecting to ADS server – Error Message “Domain cannot be reached”

This is usually the name resolution problem – check if the DNS server is correctly entered.

Alternatively you can try connecting by using the IP address of the KDC(domain server) – in this case euroNAS will automatically resolve the name of the domain and join without error.

Guest users are unable to log in


User guest has been assigned to a share (under access control) – still the guests are unable to login to the share.


Windows users are automatically trying to log in with their own local user and password and not with account guest therefore the login attempt will be rejected.

If the share is mapped with user guest - no password then the user will be able to log in.

The easiest way is to enable guest account under network - domain and workgroup when joining the workgroup or domain. In this case all users that are not known to euroNAS will be treated as guests. In guest is assigned to a certain share this users will be able to log in automatically.

How can I update my euroNAS Software?

There are 2 options for updating euroNAS Software :

Option a)

1. Copy the update file on one of the shares (root folder)
2. I the administration gui select System - OS Update
3. Select the share on which you have copied the update file
4. Update tool will automatically find the update files – select the the one that you wish to update with

The share needs at least 1 GB of free space

Option b)

Download the latest version from the internet, boot from it and start the installation with the command setup

Your existing installation will be automatically recognized and you will be offered the option to update

VMware ESX Server not connecting with euroNAS via iSCSI

Embedded firewall on some VMware ESX versions blocks automatically the iSCSI port 3260.

You can check this in ESX under:
Configuration -> Security Profile -> Firewall (Properties) under Software iSCSI Client

Areca Raid Controller : how should be >2TB raid array be configured for use with euroNAS?

Areca Raid Controller offers in BIOS 2 options for creating a >2TB raid array – Windows and 48 bit LBA.

For use with euroNAS the raid array should be configured with option 48 Bit LBA

My raid controller is not listed in the hardware compatibility list

Not all supported raid controllers are also listed in the compatibility list.

If you are unsure you can always contact our technical support – they can tell you if the controller has been tested and if it will work with euroNAS software.

Which 10 GB NICs are currently supported?

euroNAS Premium 64-Bit supports 10 Gigabit NICs – currently the following manufacturers are supported:

  • Broadcom
  • Chelsio
  • Cisco
  • Intel
  • Neterion
  • Myricom
  • NetXen
  • Mellanox Technologies
  • VMWare VMXNET3

Minimum requirements for the HA Cluster version

Minimal requirements for euroNAS HA cluster are:

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 Network controllers
  • 4 GB Disk for the operating system


  • At least 4 GB RAM
  • 4 Network Controllers
  • At least 4 GB Disk for the operating system