Can I manually add host names ?

Under “Network” – “Host Editor” you can add IP addresses and names of the computers in your network for better resolution.

We recommend this especially for PDC and KDC Servers

Is 10 / 40 Gigabit connection supported with euroNAS Products

All euroNAS Products support this rate.

In Cluster Environments it is recommended for the connection between the nodes – this way you will gain optimal sync speed.

How can I configure Jumbo Frames?

Jumbo Frames enable you to send and receive larger network packages. It is a very useful feature for some applications (such as virtualisation).

Client, network switch and the network controller must be able to support this functionality.

To configure jumbo frames, connect your monitor and keyboard to the server and select option Jumbo Frames.

Now you can see the overview of your network cards and their current Jumbo Frame Status …

Select the network card that you wish to configure …

Now you can configure the MTU value (please read the documentation of your NIC and Switch about supported values).

How can I reach the server if I forget its IP Address?


Tthere are 3 possibilities to reach the server in this case:

Possibility 1

Connect the monitor on the server and check in menue the option network info – the IP Address will be shown there

Possibility 2

Try to reach the server using its name

Possibility 3

If the server is set to pool the IP Address via DHCP Server – you can check the IP Address in the DHCP Management Software