Which euroNAS products support Software Raid 6?

euroNAS Premium 32-Bit and Premium 64-Bit versions support software RAID 6.

How can I replace failed drive on software raid?

If the drive fails in a redundant raid array (Raid 1, 5 or 6) just go under Software Raid - Raid Info and select option repair and follow the wizzard.

Alternatevly you can replace it by defining the replacement drive as hot spare in the software raid management. Rebuild will then start automatically.

Which hardware raid controllers are supported by euroNAS Premium?

euroNAS Premium products support raid controllers from most raid controller manufacturers.

A list of supported controllers can be found under:
(СМЕНИ ЛИНКА) http://www.euronas.com/compatibility-hardware-raid-controller

Areca Raid Controller : how should be >2TB raid array be configured for use with euroNAS?

Areca Raid Controller offers in BIOS 2 options for creating a >2TB raid array – Windows and 48 bit LBA.

For use with euroNAS the raid array should be configured with option 48 Bit LBA

My raid controller is not listed in the hardware compatibility list

Not all supported raid controllers are also listed in the compatibility list.

If you are unsure you can always contact our technical support – they can tell you if the controller has been tested and if it will work with euroNAS software.