euroNAS installation gets corrupt ….

If euroNAS Installation gets corrupt – just download the latest Installation CD and start the setup. Setup will automatically recognize your installation and offer you following options:

  • Update/ Repair
    euroNAS will update / repair the existing version (data, raid and all server settings will be preserved)
  • New installation
    euroNAS will be fresh installed – of course data, shares and raid info will be preserved, users, network settings etc. need to be configured again
  • Restore from backup
    If you have previously created a backup image of your existing installation – you can restore this installation – all settings will be preserved.

The whole server dies – drives are still accessable

Just place the drives and boot with euroNAS – the new hardware will be automatically recognized and the system is ready to use immediately.

Installation media of euroNAS dies ….

If the installation drive dies (the drive on which you have installed euroNAS software), just install euroNAS on a new media.

New installation will automatically recognize and import the hardware, raid and shares.

Additionally if you have saved the settings before – you can restore them via system menu.

Also if you have perfomed the backup of your installation using the installation CD you can install this backup image on a new media. In this case all settings will be restored.