euroNAS announces its next generation (R3) storage software product

Munich, Germany — March 11th 2016,
The German storage/virtualization software company euroNAS GmbH based in Munich today announced its next generation (R3) of storage software product. The new storage software includes many improvements such as 10-15% performance increase on the same hardware, improved graphical interface and copy on write file system. Especially HA Cluster has been improved and not only supports storage mirroring but also shared disk clustering. Both nodes can now also share the same storage connected as iSCSI, Fibre Channel or SAS

No vendor lock-in

As all euroNAS products SAN Cluster software is not locked to certain server manufacturer.

Target audience

euroNAS products are particularly optimized for data centers and professional business use. Such as

  • Applications with critical shared data
  • File Servers
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Storage for critical databases
  • Workstations with critical data
  • About euroNAS GmbH

About euroNAS GmbH

Founded in 2005, euroNAS is a leading provider of an advanced storage operating system with its headquarters housed in Bavaria, Germany .Its main objective is to provide modernized and customized storage solutions to enterprises of all sizes, and helps businesses grow by providing maximum data security, unbeatable savings and powerful features.

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