euroNAS introduces new high-availability hyper-converged solution for small and mid-size companies

Munich, September 2nd 2016
Today, euroNAS GmbH announced the new euroNAS Enterprise Virtualization OS (eEVOS) “all-in-one” hyper converged solution providing storage and hypervisor in a single product.

New deployments of server platforms, CPUs, operating systems and enterprise applications are driving IT leaders to look for cost effective virtualization solutions. Combination of the storage, hypervisor and high-availability helps reducing operational costs and simplifies the overall solution.

Hypervisor is based on KVM and has been improved with many enterprise functions such as:

  • Easy creation and management of virtual machines
  • Fully integrated setup and management
  • Live Migration of the VMs without downtime
  • Synchronous Mirror of the VMs between the nodes
  • Copy-on-write snapshots that can be run as individual VMs even on a different node
  • Intelligent VM cloning
  • VM Failover in case of node failure
  • Hybrid Cache for maximal performance
  • Storage I/O control

In October 2016 additionally it will be introduced additional functionality such as

  • Automated VM Backups to network storage (full and incremental)
  • Import of foreign VMs (Xen, VMWare)
  • No vendor lock-in

No vendor lock-in

As all euroNAS products SAN Cluster software is not locked to certain server manufacturer.

Target audience

Small and mid-size companies looking for affordable high-availability alternative to VMWare or Hyper-V solutions

About euroNAS GmbH

Founded in 2005 in Munich, Germany, the company specializes in developing operation systems optimized for network data-storage, serving customers from many different industry segments all over the world, in particular server integrators and IT professionals.euroNAS GmbH offers personal customer service, and customized OS versions for OEM partners in virtualization, video surveillance, backup solutions and broadcasting.

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