eEVOS plusBenefits

High Availability

eEVOS Plus ensures that you can access your VMs even in the event of a complete server failure.

While standard virtualization servers have many redundant features, such as RAID or UPS, eEVOS goes one step further by providing mirroring of the VMs to ensure high availability.

Mirror your virtual machines between the servers

eEVOS Plus offers high availability through real time, continuous data replication and synchronization between two mirrored servers. Both servers contain identical VM data securing redundancy, so in case one of the them fails, other node can start the VM with immediately. Also it is possible to define which VM should run on which server, enabling more efficient usage of servers and higher performance at the same time.

One contact for everything

Classic virtualization solutions force you to communicate with 3 different companies and contact persons.

  • Virtualization
  • Storage
  • Backup

With eEVOS you get everything in one product with one single support contact for all functionality

Professional Backup Software

A fast and reliable recovery of VMs is also very important in order to keep the downtimes as small as possible. eEVOS includes powerfull integrated professional VM Backup Software that will create reliable deduplicated backups of your VMs. VSS Support ensures the highes possible data integrity.

Fast and easy setup

Wizards help you set up a highly available environment for your virtual machines in just a few clicks.

eEVOS can be monitored and managed from any networked computer in the browser interface.

Event logging, statistics, and email alerts help you get the most out of your storage server.

Wide support of guest operating systems

eEVOS supports all important newer operating systems – VM is automatically optimized for the best performance for each guest OS.

Simply import existing VMs

Import Assistant will import your existing VMware, Hyper-V or XEN images with just a few clicks.

The virtual disks are automatically converted and a new – highly available – VM is created from it.

Move the VMs on the fly

eEVOS Plus enables you to migrate running virtual machines from one cluster node to another one without downtime.

VM will keep its connections, RAM and all settings will be moved. Whole migration takes just several seconds.

It is very useful functionality if you wish to shut down or reboot one of the nodes for maintenance or upgrade.

Cluster Aware VM Snapshots

VM Snapshot work on any node even if the file is used and opened on another node. This allows you to create snapshots of your VMs and run these snapshot VMs on a different node than the original VM is running.

Clone your VMs

VM Snapshot work on any node even if the file is used and opened on another node. This allows you to create snapshots of your VMs and run these snapshot VMs on a different node than the original VM is running.

Thin Provisioning

Thin Provisioning will save you costs by reducing storage allocations by virtualising the storage for the VMs. Only the sectors of the VM which have been written to are actually placed on physical disk.

IO Tunning

Define IO performance for each VM. You can set how many IOs per second it can use or how many MB/s.

Industry-proven high-performance Hypervisor

eEVOS virtualization is based on industry-proven KVM hypervizor. It is used in tousands of installations worldwide.

SSD Cache

eEVOS can be configured for Cache Tiering. It improves the performance of a storage server by dynamically moving frequently used data to a faster, smaller device such an SSD. This hybrid storage functionality will provide higher I/O performance and larger capacity at the same time. It will analyse automatically incoming data transfer and moves blocks that are used more often to the faster (SSD) disks. The longer the server is in use the more efficient it will become.

Hardware RAID Support

euroNAS products support hardware RAIDs with various controllers from different manufacturers for better performance of raid arrays. In addition to that euroNAS servers offer Hardware RAID management tool integrated within the interface and support email notifications. It also includes LSI Storage Management Agent for easier management. Check our HCL page for compatibility check.

Software RAID Support

Cost effective redundancy solution with support of all major RAID layouts including RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 6. It also supports online capacity expansion, Hotspare Drive and email notification in case of disk failure.

UPS Support

Server will automatically shut down the server on low batter. It will notify you via email in case of power failure. Network and USB UPS devices are supported

Network Bonding

Network interfaces can be combined for failover redundancy or increased throughput.

VLAN Support

Separate your network by creating different VLAN Networks