eEVOS VMMBenefits

eEVOS VMM greatly simplifies the management of your virtual machines. If performance, simplicity and reliability are important then this is the right choice for you.

Free and extended

eEVOS VMM is free.
With the optional support option, our experts can help you quickly and competently in an emergency.

An extension to the high availability with eEVOS Plus is possible at any time.

One contact for everything

Classic virtualization solutions force you to communicate with 3 different companies and contact persons.

  • Virtualization
  • Storage
  • Backup

With eEVOS you get everything in one product and from one manufacturer.

Fast and easy setup

Wizards help you set up an environment for your virtual machines in just a few clicks. eEVOS can be monitored and managed from any networked computer via the browser interface.

Event logging, statistics, and email notifications help keep the server in optimal control

Import existing VMs easily

Import Assistant will import your existing VMware, Hyper-V or XEN images with just a few clicks.

The virtual disks are automatically converted and a new VM is created from it.