HA clusterHigh-Availability Cluster

If you’re running a virtualized environment or simply trying to meet the demands of the 24-hour business cycle, you cannot afford downtime. With HA Cluster, you will get the highest level of redundancy, data security, reliability and availability possible, even in the event of a complete server failure.

What does HA Cluster?

HA Cluster mirrors your storage servers and ensures maximum availability for your data.

If one of the two storage servers fails, the HA Cluster will automatically switch to the running server – without the need for manual intervention. HA Cluster minimizes the disruption of business operations in your organization.

Installation and configuration of our Storage OS takes only few minutes.
You will benefit from enterprise-class performance and a high level of flexibility without being locked to a specific hardware, all at a very reasonable price.

HA Cluster in action

HA Cluster Software is developed especially for the business use. It’s fast, extremely robust and the installation and configuration takes only few minutes.It makes sure that your data is available and reachable even in case of catastrophic events.

HA Cluster Dashboard

Why should I use HA Cluster ?

Most businesses cannot afford downtime. HA Cluster enables you to keep your data available and secure without complexity.

It provides you with highly available storage for

  • virtualization with VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen via iSCSI or NFS
  • SMB / CIFS data server with Active Directory
  • backup server
  • video surveillance

Enormous flexibility

HA Cluster supports all major network protocols. The data can be made available via the following protocols:

  • NFS
  • SMB / CIFS with Active Directory Authentication
  • AFP with Active Directory Authentication
  • iSCSI incl. VAAI and Persistent Reservation

Maximal data redundancy

Highest data security and availability is offered by HA Cluster:

  • Server mirroring in real time
  • intelligent failover storage
  • Support for hardware RAID controllers from Adaptec, Atto, Areca, LSI, HP SmartArray
  • Software RAID (1/5/6/10), online RAID expansion, hot spares

Storage mirror

HA Cluster Storage consists of 2 servers (virtual machines or hardware) which either mirror each other or access a common cluster storage (iSCSI, Fiber Channel or SAS). Users can then access the storage through SMB / CIFS, NFS, AFP, or iSCSI.

iSCSI, SMB, NFS or AFP shares are mirrored in real-time between the two servers. If one of the two servers in the replication network fails, the HA Cluster automatically switches to the second server – without the need for manual intervention.

Storage Mirror

HA Cluster provides great performance

  • Active / Active: Distribution of mirrored shares and resources across the two servers for better utilization and speed
  • automatic failback with fast data synchronization as soon as the failed server is back online

Fast and easy installation and configuration

HA Cluster is easily installed and configured , usually in under 30 minutes, and offers easy management and monitoring through an intuitive web-based user interface with automated email notifications and warnings. In addition, the mirroring technology and continuous data replication of HA Cluster enables easy planned maintenance on one server in the cluster with no impact on network applications or clients’ access to data.

With euroNAS, I immediately understood the installation and configuration, which can often be confusing with other systems. For me, complex solutions must be understandable for users and that is the case with euroNAS. The support is great and the cluster has been working perfectly since then.

Birgit Ducarroz
Unix Systems Administration
Department of Informatics
University of Fribourg Switzerland

Analysis Dashboard

Analysis Dashboard helps you track the performance of your system and will assist you in finding potencial bottlenecks

HA Storage for virtualization *

Virtualized environments are perhaps the most demanding of a storage solution, requiring the utmost in redundancy, data security and availability. euroNAS HA Cluster delivers the High Availability iSCSI and NFS services to make it a perfect storage solution for VMWare ESX, XEN or Microsoft’s Hyper-V .

Hybrid Storage Cache

With euroNAS Hybrid Storage Cache you get the best of both worlds. You can merge your SSD and SATA / SAS drives to get the maximum capacity AND maximum I / O rate.

euroNAS automatically analyzes the incoming data transfer and moves the blocks of data that are frequently accessed to the faster (SSD) drives. The longer the server is used, the better it adapts and the more effective the symbiosis becomes.