HA clusterDownload

Here you can download a trial version of HA Cluster R6 before purchasing and see for yourself how to make more out of your server with one of the leading storage vendors.
The trial version will work until 24th of June 2024. After the trial period expires, file sharing services will be disabled – data will not be lost.
You can find instructions on how to create an installation CD or install it via a USB stick here. You need 2 servers or virtual machines for the tests.

And after the test?
If you would like to continue using euroNAS afterwards, just a few clicks will be required to unlock the full version. You can activate the software via System >> Activation in the menu bar of euroNAS.

The activation takes place immediately – you can continue working directly without reinstalling! If you need advice or have any further questions, please leave us a message and we will contact you.

This product gives you the possibility to mirror data of 2 servers in real time – you will need at least 2 servers or virtual machines for the tests.

You are upgrading from previous HA Cluster Version?

Follow this intructions