NASPremium NAS, R4

Free professional NAS Software für your company

Free NAS Software for your Business

  • Free up to 16 TB Capacity
  • One of the most powerful storage solutions on the market
  • Fast installation and easy configuration
  • Runs on standard servers or as a virtual machine (ESX and Hyper-V)
  • iSCSI, SMB2 / 3, AFP, NFS
  • Optional professional suport optionally available

Get rid of the dependency of a NAS Server provider and finally decide for yourself.

What is Premium NAS?

Premium NAS is the free version of our NAS software that transforms the standard server into a powerful NAS server.

It is free, fast, extremely robust, runs on standard server hardware and can be upgraded at any time.

Premium NAS is not tied to a specific hardware, so you can use most hardware on the market.

If you need extra functionality or additional capacity you can upgrade any time to Premium Plus

Fast and easy setup

The intuitive user interface enables quick setup and deployment of NAS and iSCSI services
Premium NAS can be monitored and managed from any networked computer in the browser interface.

All companies that value high data security and performance and are looking for a scalable, hardware-independent yet affordable solution are right with this product.

Data server for SMEs

Our NAS Software has all the key features that a powerful and reliable data server needs:

  • Copy on Write file system
  • Active Directory connectivity
  • Mixed environment support (Windows, Mac, Unix / Linux)
  • Hybrid Storage Cache
  • Support for 10 GB NICs
  • Native support for all relevant protocols (SMB / CIFS, AFP, NFS, iSCSI)
  • iSCSI incl. VAAI and Persistent Reservation

NAS server for virtualization

Premium NAS Software is very well suited for building a NAS Server for virtualization such as VMWare ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V or Citrix Xen.

The connection to the NAS Server can be done via iSCSI / Fiber Channel Target or NFS.

Support for VAAI and Persistent Reservation makes it a perfect choice to serve as iSCSI Target to VMWare ESX Servers.

NAS Software as virtual virtual appliance

You can run euroNAS under VMWare in the form of a virtual machine. VMWare tools are fully supported and integrated with euroNAS.

Video post-processing

Video post processing requires reliable bandwidth and very high performance from a NAS server – euroNAS will bring you the necessary performance.

Hybrid Storage Cache

With euroNAS Hybrid Storage Cache you can get the best of both worlds. You can merge your SSD and SATA / SAS drives to get the maximum capacity AND maximum I / O rate.

NAS Cache

euroNAS automatically analyzes the incoming data transfer and moves the blocks of data that are frequently accessed to the faster (SSD) drives. The longer the server is used, the better it adapts and the more effective the symbiosis becomes. Learn more about euroNAS Hybrid Storage Cache Tiering.

Flexible and hardware independent

Our premium NAS software is compatible with 64-bit processors and systems. If a hardware fails, the corresponding system or its component can be exchanged very easily and quickly. The new system can consist of completely different hardware. Because Premium Ultra detects new hardware, RAID system and data automatically. The server is ready for use in just a few minutes.