ULTRAPremium Plus

High performance, feature rich and highly scalable Storage Software. Premium Ultra is optimized for high load applications that require high throughput.

Professional NAS Software for your company

“Premium is one of the most powerful storage solutions on the market. You will get maximum flexibility at maximum performance”.

What is euroNAS Premium Plus?

euroNAS Premium Plus is Storage OS with which you can transform the standard servers into powerful storage servers.

It’s fast, extremely robust, runs on standard server hardware and can be upgraded at any time.

It is not tied to a particular hardware, so you can expand the system at any time.
Your system grows with your business needs.

NAS Server tailored for you


Our hardware-independent storage software operates on standard servers or virtual machines. In the event of hardware failure, it facilitates rapid and easy replacement of system components, even with differing hardware. Our NAS software automatically recognizes new hardware, RAID systems, and data, ensuring your server is operational again in just a few minutes.

Fast and easy setup


With an intuitive user interface, our NAS software simplifies the quick setup and management of NAS, iSCSI, NVMe over TCP, and Fibre Channel services. Monitor and manage your system conveniently from any network-connected computer through your browser.

NAS Server Dashboard

We ensure that you get the maximum performance out of your server.


Premium Ultra has all the key features that a powerful and reliable data server needs:

  • Copy on Write file system
  • Active Directory connection
  • Mixed environment support (Windows, Mac, Unix / Linux)
  • Volume and file system based snapshots
  • Data replication (server synchronization)
  • Hybrid Storage Cache Tiering
  • Support for 1 -100 GB/s adapters
  • Native support for all relevant protocols (SMB / CIFS, AFP, NFS, iSCSI, NVMe over TCP)
  • Native suppoer for VMWare implementation of NVMe over TCP / iSCSI incl. VAAI and Persistent Reservation

NAS Share

Data Server


Compared to home users, businesses have higher demands. Features like easy user management, Active Directory integration, as well as high performance, robustness, and reliability are essential.

euroNAS Premium reliably meets these requirements and will not disappoint you.



Virtualization often places high performance demands on storage systems. Premium NAS is ideally suited as a storage server for virtualization platforms such as VMWare ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen, or eEVOS, effortlessly mastering these challenges.

Backup Server


Faced with growing volumes of data, businesses often feel pressured to ensure fast and reliable backups.

Our storage software offers the high performance and reliability needed to ensure that your backups are completed on time and efficiently.

Video post-processing


Video post-production requires a NAS server with reliable bandwidth and extremely high performance. Premium NAS is ideally suited to meet the high demands of programs like Adobe, AVID, Final Cut Pro, or Nuke, delivering the necessary performance for smooth workflows.

Video Surveillance


For events where many cameras are recording simultaneously, high demands are placed on network storage. It’s crucial that the storage can handle this data load, even when all cameras are recording at the same time. A powerful storage system is essential in this scenario.

Virtual Storage


Our storage software can also be operated as a virtual machine under VMWare.

VMWare Tools and KVM Guest Agents are fully supported and seamlessly integrated into our NAS software, ensuring efficient and smooth operation.

Analysis Tools for Storage and Network

With integrated analysis tools, you can monitor your server’s performance in real-time. These tools assist in identifying and resolving potential bottlenecks, ensuring optimal system performance.

Analysis Dashboard

Hybrid Storage Cache

With the euroNAS Hybrid Storage Cache, you can combine the benefits of SSD and SATA/SAS drives to achieve both maximum capacity and optimal I/O rates. Your NAS server automatically analyzes data traffic and moves the most frequently used data blocks to the faster SSD drives. The longer the server is in operation, the better it adapts and optimizes performance.


With euroNAS Premium, your NAS server can clone your files and back up data at a specific point in time. Snapshot files are individually accessible and can be retrieved at any time. Thanks to the optional Enterprise Copy-on-Write filesystem BTRFS, creating snapshots is particularly easy and convenient. Additionally, for XFS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel, Volume Snapshots are available to effectively secure your data.


Our software renders your NAS server flexibly scalable. You can expand the RAID system at any time and increase shares even after initial setup. This flexibility offers maximum scalability and protects your investments, as your system grows with your requirements.


Our NAS software provides support for both hardware RAID controllers and Software RAID (1/5/6/10). Features such as Load Balancing, Failover, and Link Aggregation (LACP) ensure increased reliability in the network, guaranteeing a stable and secure data flow.