euroNAS Fibre Channel SAN solutions


Especially since the introduction of all-flash based and hybrid systems, the greatest bottleneck for such systems has become the connection to the clients.

Fibre channel is still the best networking technology when it gets to constant data throughput and the first choice for many data centers. While fibre channel constantly performs very close to its max speed ( 8 Gb = 800 MB/s or 16 GB = 1600 MB/s), collision management on Ethernet makes it very difficult to achieve same consistent performance.

When deciding which euroNAS solution should be used following
requirements should be considered

  • Highest possible performance and I/O rates
  • What the storage is used for (Virtualization, Database, Video post processing)
  • High-Availability for mission-critical applications

Which product fits best for my requirements?

Based on the different business and SLA requirements the storage server can
be build on the following criteria.

Performance, Redundancy and other protocols – downtime is acceptable

Premium Ultra is the best choice.
It provides maximal FC performance. It is perfect All-Flash or Hybrid Solution.

Many internal redundancy features possible; for example RAID, networking failover or aggregation, redundant power supplies. Performance can be drastically improved with euroNAS Hybrid Storage Cache Tiering (HSCT). HSCT dynamically moves frequently used data to a faster, smaller device such as a SSD. It will provide you with higher I/O performance and larger capacity at the same time.

  • Advantage: easy to configure, great performance, very flexible and scalable.
  • Disadvantage: the server is standalone and therefore a single point of failure.

No single point of failure, capacity – maximal availability

Fibre Channel SAN Cluster is ideal product when it gets to maximal availability and true fibre channel mirror solution. Data is synchronously mirrored between the nodes using losless fibre channel protocol. It will protect you agains many causes of downtime: power, total node failure, failure of the whole site.

Data is kept on 2 places at the same time, therefore the performance depends on the mirror speed between the nodes. It can be improved by using euroNAS Hybrid Storage Cache Tiering and connection using multiple ports.

  • Advantage: high-availability, easy to configure, no single point of failure, good performance.
  • Disadvantage: requires 2 identical servers.