euroNAS Hybrid Storage Cache

Speed up your storage with euroNAS Hybrid Storage Cache

euroNAS “Hybrid Storage Cache Tiering” improves the performance of your storage server by dynamically moving frequently used data to a faster, smaller device such as a SSD.

This way you can build a hybrid storage server that will provide you with higher I/O performance and larger capacity at the same time.

How does it work?

euroNAS analyses automatically incoming data transfer and moves blocks that are used more often to the faster (SSD) disks. The longer the server is in use the more efficient your server will become.

How complicated is it to configure?

Configuration is done with few mouse clicks. Just add the faster drive to your existing disks. Everything else is performed automatically.

What happens after reboot or reinstall?

It is a tier solution – even after reboot or reinstall data will still be kept on both disks.

Can I see somewhere how effective this works?

Yes – for each individual share or iSCSI/FC Target you can see the statistics and usage information.

What are the best scenarios for this functionality?

Hybrid Storage Cache Tiering makes most sense on systems that have clients accessing certain data more frequently.

Do I have to use SSD disks for this functionality?

No – you can use any disks that is faster than your data disk (for example SAS disks).

Should Cache disk be redundant?

Yes – it is a tiering solution – data is moved to the SSD disks – so loosing cache disk will result in data loss – it is recommended to have the same level of redundancy as for data disks (RAID).