euroNAS Storage Software Features

Hardware agnostic OS

Legacy storage manufacturers often use proprietary hardware and an operating system which will only run on the hardware in question. With euroNAS you can turn standard servers into powerful storage solutions but at a fraction of the cost compared to their storage solutions.

Software-defined Storage

euroNAS is flexible and supports most servers on the market but you don’t need bare metal hardware. You can use it also as a cost-effective Virtual Storage Appliance within your virtualized environment. You can use your existing storage to build something greater.

Client Support

euroNAS supports all mayor clients with their native protocols. It works with Microsoft Windows (XP,7, 8, 2003/2008/2012, Hyper-V), VMware ESX/ESXi, Apple MAC OS X incl. XSAN, StorNext, Citrix XenServer 5.x/6.x, Linux.

Active Directory

The server can be configured as a member of Active Directory Domain, users and passwords will be automatically be synchronized with the domain. System Administrators can much easier manage their users and authentication.

SMB/CIFS Support

euroNAS products support accessing shares through SMB (Server Message Block versions 1, 2 and 3) / CIFS (Common Internet File System) Protocols for Windows clients.

AFP Support incl. Spotlight

euroNAS products support accessing shares through AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) for Apple clients. Additionally euroNAS Premium also supports Spotlight, advanced feature, which enables extremely fast content search. The indexing of the content is done within the server, which improves the performance and reduces load of the MAC Clients.

NFS Support

euroNAS products can be used for accessing data through NFS (Network File System Protocol) for Linux/Unix clients

iSCSI Support

iSCSI is an IP-based storage networking protocol, which allows creation of virtual disks (iSCSI targets) on the server that can be used for virtualization, shared storage etc. It doesn’t require any dedicated cabling and network devices compared to Fibre Channel targets. euroNAS products support iSCSI, VAAI (vStorage API for Array Integration) for speeding up VMWare and CHAP (Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol) for better network security.

Fibre Channel Support

Fibre Channel is an enterprise high-speed storage technology. With euroNAS you can build FC Storage appliance that will provide you enterprise I/O and speed. It supports speeds of up to 16 Gb. With SAN Cluster it is even possible to mirror your data utilizing enterprise FC protocol.

Hybrid Cache-Tiering

euroNAS Premium and HA Cluster can be configured for Cache Tiering. It improves the performance of a storage server by dynamically moving frequently used data to a faster, smaller device such an SSD. This hybrid storage server will provide higher I/O performance and larger capacity at the same time. It will analyse automatically incoming data transfer and moves blocks that are used more often to the faster (SSD) disks. The longer the server is in use the more efficient it will become.

Thin Provisioning

Thin provisioning is a euroNAS Premium feature for creation of virtual volumes with more combined space than the physical volume, where they are created. The benefit from this is more effective utilization of available space and more flexible model, where resources can be extended when it is necessary.

Server Mirror via Ethernet

euroNAS HA Cluster offers high availability through real time, continuous data replication and synchronization between two mirrored servers. Both servers contain identical data securing redundancy, so in case one of the them fails, clients can still access their data. Also it is possible to define which resources should run on which server, enabling more efficient usage of servers and higher performance at the same time. In addition HA cluster supports wide range of services such as SMB/CIFS/AFP, Active Directory authentication (for CIFS and AFP), NFS and iSCSI.

Server Mirror via Fibre Channel

euroNAS SAN Cluster is based on Fibre channel technology for creation of high availability cluster, with better data throughput performance ideal for storage networking and digital A/V workflows. SAN Cluster uses euroNAS SMART SAN MIRROR (eSSM) technology, which implies advanced real-time server replication for high redundancy.


Snapshots allow user to make a single or scheduled copy of the state of a share/iSCSI/FC target at a particular point in time. The snapshot includes configuration and disk data which, if needed, can be restored to the state of the share at the point when the snapshot was made.

Server Synchronization

Server Synchronization is an advanced tool, which can transfer data in local network or over long distances reliably and quickly. During the data synchronization, when copying large files, only changed bytes within those files are being transferred, which increases the performance significantly and saves bandwidth. Snapshot Replication feature enables you to copy “frozen content” – this improves data consistency when copying live data. Synchronization jobs can be scheduled to run daily or hourly.

Client Backup

This feature is used for making a backup of other foreign NAS servers to an euroNAS server.

Hardware RAID Support

euroNAS products support hardware RAIDs with various controllers from different manufacturers for better performance of raid arrays. In addition to that euroNAS servers offer Hardware RAID management tool integrated within the interface and support email notifications. It also includes LSI Storage Management Agent for easier management. Check our HCL page for compatibility check.

Software RAID Support

Cost effective redundancy solution with support of all major RAID layouts including RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 6. It also supports online capacity expansion, Hotspare Drive and email notification in case of disk failure.

APC UPS Support

euroNAS Server will automatically shut down the server on low batter. It will notify you via email in case of power failure. Network and USB APC UPS devices are supported

Network Bonding

Network interfaces can be combined for failover redundancy or increased throughput.

Email Notifications

euroNAS will send email messages in case of disk / power failure, synchronization reports, UPS or cluster notifications.