Installing paravirtualized drivers

The most modern Linux Distributions have already embedded paravirtual drivers. Those are ensuring the best possible performance and communication with the host OS. For Microsoft Windows Systems this drivers must be added during the installation. This article describes the installation within Windows Server 2012, other versions are very similar. Following drivers must be installed – Memory driver – Disk driver – Network driver – VSS Communication port (important for the live snapshots)

1. After creation of the Windows VM the installation will begin. Initially no installation drives will be listed before you install the driver manually.

Select the Option “Load Driver”

2. Select “browse”

3. Select CD Drive “Virtual Drivers”

4. Select the folder “Disk Driver” and the subfolder for your windows version. For example 2k8 = Windows 2008

5. Your virtual disk will be now shown properly and you can continue with the installation. After the installation of the OS you can install the other drivers within the device manager.(check #6)

6. After the successful installation please go to “Device Manager” and install the remaining drivers.
Ethernet=Network Driver PCI Device=Memory Driver PCI Simple Communications Controller = VSS Communication driver Click with the right mouse button and select “Update Driver Software …”

7. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”.

Select the folder that contains the driver (here for example network driver) and your windows version. For example 2k8 = Windows 2008

9. Select “install”

10. Repeat the procedure for all remaining devices