Instant Backup & Recovery

Instant Backup & Recovery allows you to backup and restore VMs or individual files whithin seconds. *

Its Reflink technology it will create recovery images with minimal space consuption and no affect to the system performance

Unlike classic snapshots with vmdk or vhd files, these are completely separated from the original file – you get all the benefits without worrying about performance of the original VM. Snapshot consolidation is also a thing of the past.

Main Benefits

  • The VMs can be secured with minimum space consumption
  • Backup and restore take only a few seconds
  • Single files from the VM can be easily and quickly recovered (you do not have to restore the whole VM

Instant Backup

Create a backup (recovery image)

You can schedule the backups or create individual backups. Click Create backup plan to create a scheduled backup.


You can restore an entire VM or individual files.

Instant Backup Restore List

Restore Entire Virtual Machine.

The existing VM will be completely replaced by the backup

Restore files

Connect via SMB to the recovery folder and recover individual files of your VM. (in this case, a Windows VM)

* The functionality is perfect for fast data recovery. Since these data reside on the same drive as your VMs, it is strongly recommended that you back up the data additionally (for example, VM backup to a NAS server).