Why eEVOS?

On the market you will find several server virtualization solutions – why should you trust us?

First of all you should consider the main reasons why you have chosen to use server virtualization.

  • Easier Management of your servers
  • Reduction of server hardware
  • Cost reduction
  • Simplifying the IT infrastructure
  • Availability of your data
  • Easier Backup

These arguments should be used for decision making.

1. One solution provider – one license for everything

Standard installation will force you to purchase 3 separate solutions from 3 separate manufacturers for:

  • Virtualization
  • Storage
  • Backup

In case you need technical assistance, it can happen that every manufacturer puts blame on the others and leaves you alone with the issue

eEVOS provides the whole functionality in a single product. Its unique combination of virtualization, high availability storage and professional backup tools will make your life a lot easier. Instead of 3 you will have one competent contact partner who will assist you in case you need assistance.

2. Total cost of ownership

The main reason for using virtualization is reduction of operational costs. This is achieved by several factors. One of the main ones is the reduction of bare metal hardware. This reduces the acquisition costs for the hardware, energy usage, support, maintenance costs and rack space.

The greatest challenge with the virtualization is securing the availability of your data. In the past you would have individual servers for each task (mail server, database server etc.), and now you have a single virtualization server performing all this tasks. Thus if the virtualization server fails, all of your services will go down.

This “offline time” can cause significant costs for a company – this is why you should ask yourself the following:

  • How much does the high availability license cost?
  • What are the support and maintenance costs over the next 3-5 years?
  • How much physical hardware I need to buy in order to avoid a “single-point-of-failure”?
  • Who is providing support? – some call center with a ticketing system or can I get personal support with always the same contact person?
  • eEVOS will provide you with high availability using less hardware than competitors at lower licensing costs.
  • Due to integration of storage and virtualization in one product you will be able to achieve highest level of availability without “single-point-of-failure” with much less hardware.
  • You will get dedicated support person who knows your system well and you will not need to explain your configuration all over again on every contact.

3. Consultancy

Before you start switching your server infrastructure to the virtualization you will need planning and competent advisors.

Our team will assist you with your project and try to find the best tailored solution for your company.

We have a network of competent partners who can provide you a complete solution with the tailored hardware, installation and maintenance at the fraction of the cost of comparable solutions.

4. High Availability

High Availability will make sure that your services and virtual machines recover quickly even in a catastrophic event.

Most of our competitors need much more hardware and much more complex configuration in order to provide the Server Virtualization solution without a “Single-Point-of-Failure”.

Complex configuration can lead to non-optimal configuration and it is much more complicated to maintain. Also the more hardware components you use the more of them can break.

Advantage of Enterprise Virtualization OS

  • Less expensive infrastructure due to less hardware components
  • Easy configuration
  • Less licensing costs
  • Everything from one manufacturer (HA storage and HA virtualization)


Diagrams below will show you the difference. Main target of both configurations is to ensure the business continuity without a “Single-Point-of-Failure”.
All components must be connected the way that, no matter which component fails, the connection to the remaining components does not break.

a) Enterprise Virtualization OS

This configuration provides the same level of availability as the configuration of our competitors (check below). Diagram shows that the configuration is simpler and requires less components.
Each extra component raises the complexity and costs.

This is achieved by combining the high availability storage with the high availability server virtualization

b) Our competition

Comparable configurations from our competitors are often much more complex and expensive.

Most of them are forced to separate storage from the virtualization services.

Due to separation of Storage and Virtualization you will suddenly need 4 instead of 2 servers. 2 servers for HA Storage and 2 for the Virtualization servers.

This configuration usually also requires 2 additional redundant switches in order to redundantly connect the mirrored storage to the virtualization servers.

Some manufacturers will offer virtualized storage. This usually requires more expensive “Enterprise Plus” licenses and will force disk I/O requests not to go directly but through the virtualization layer.